Unmade displays


Interface Cultures at Film Forum Festival
Curated by Davide Bevilacqua and Vincenzo Estremo

The Exhibition

Villa Manin di Passariano
Ala Postica Ovest / Ex Accademia

20th March – 19th April 2015
Opening 20th March 2015

Opening hours:
Tue- Fri: 14.00 – 18.00
Sat – Sun: 10.00 – 19.00

Unmade displays is an interactive media art exhibition, produced by Interface Cultures, department of the Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria), within the Film Forum Festival.

Unmade displays will be part of the section of Film Forum Festival Cinema & Contemporary Visual Art. The show deals with the cinematic exhibition and the relation between man and displays, both in a theoretical and a curatorial perspective.

The artists will present a series of works that stress out the idea behind the cinematic dispositif, exploring the conceptual, relational and communicative possibilities of film, video, communication of information, vision and screen.

Institutional cinema is not the only possibility of making film. Film Forum is concerned with the research and reflections that force the borders of traditional cinema. This exhibition will therefore investigate the cultural and social possibilities of implementing the limits of cinema.

It explores the contemporary status of the film within the presence of new media, interfaces and digital culture.

FilmForum is an international festival devoted to cinema and the contemporary visual arts that brings together scientific research, the dissemination of culture, and exhibition shows. From the very beginning FilmForum has aimed at discovering and developing the most stimulating and innovative artistic areas and research fields (including videogame studies, postcinema, porn studies, film heritage).


Davide Bevilacqua (ITA), Sam Bunn (UK), Juan Cedenilla (ES), Yen Tzu Chang (TW), Alessio Chierico (ITA), Dear-No / Arno Deutschbauer (AT), Cesar Escudero Andaluz (ES), Isidora Ficovic (RS), Jure Fingušt (SLO), Maša Jazbec (SLO), Carina Lindmeier (AT), Martin Nadal (ES), Marta Perez Campos (ES), Andrei Warren Perkovic (E/NY/RS), Ivan Petkov (BG), Marie Polakova (CZ), Henning Schulze (DE), Federico Tasso (ITA), Enrique Tomas (E), Cristian Villavicencio (ECU/ES).

From the Interface Cultures department: Christa Sommerer (AT), Professor and Head of the Department; Michaela Ortner (AT), Assistant Professor; Reinhard Gupfinger (AT), Technical Assistant.

Exhibited Works

20th March at 17.00, Opening, Villa Manin – Passariano
20th March at 19.00, Performances, Ca’ degli Angeli – Passariano
22nd March at 16.00,
Guided tour of Film Forum Festival, Villa Manin
23rd March
at 10.30, Lecture of Christa Sommerer at Film Forum, Gorizia


Villa Manin, Ala postica ovest di Villa Manin, Ex Accademia, first floor.
Dipartimento DAMS dell’Università di Udine, Gorizia.
Fondazione Carigo, Gorizia.


Azienda Speciale Villa Manin, Ars Electronica Center, Città di Codroipo, Film Forum Festival, Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz, Università degli Studi di Udine, Associazione LENT, Delavski Dom Trbovlje, Department of Education, Language policy and Culture of Gobierno Vasco.

Media Partners

Istituto Culturale Ceco, Sconfinare, PIC – Progetto Integrato Cultura – Medio Friuli

Exhibition Credits

Davide Bevilacqua – Curatorship and organization
Vincenzo Estremo – Curatorship and organization
Francesco Federici – Catalogue Contributor
Sam Bunn – Catalogue Editing
Veronika Krenn – Graphic design
Reinhard Gupfinger – Technical support
Michaela Ortner – Organization and communication
Ludovico Franzolini – Assistent
Sabina Pituello – Assistent



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